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Home Features That Millennial Buyers Love


By Luci Santos

The business of buying and selling houses is booming in Lexington.  And Millennials are snapping up more houses than any other group now – and they have specific ideas of what a dream home looks like. To get the best price for your Lexington area house, take a look at the home features that millennial buyers love.

5 Things Millennials Look for in a Home

1. Home Office


Millennials have very specific needs when looking at houses, and one is space to work from home. 

A home office space is a big draw — whether you advertise an extra bedroom as a home office or install a built-in desk in a convenient, quiet nook in your home. 

Since March, millions of Americans have started working from home and there’s no end in sight for many workers. Even when the pandemic has ended, the need to work from home will continue.

2. Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is a big draw for millennial homebuyers. That’s because this generation believes climate change is a big deal, and a home that’s sustainable is very attractive. 

Smart thermostats and automatic climate-control systems save time as well as energy. New EnergyStar water heaters and kitchen appliances are worth pointing out in your listing, as are low-flow toilets and showers.

3. Walkability


Hand in hand with sustainability is walkability. Lexington is easily the most walkable city in Kentucky. 

How this can help speed your home sale: If you’re within walkable distance of the city center, the arboretum, or some of the scenic places to visit in Lexington, make sure potential millennial buyers know about it.

4. Curb Appeal

Your home’s front yard and porch are its first impressions — and that can make or break a real estate deal. 

Fixing up your home doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated project. It can be as simple as keeping your lawn mowed, planting a few new flowers, and painting the front door. Replace your old doormat, sweep off the porch, and hang a few potted flowers. 

Bonus tip: You might even consider replacing your house numbers for a style more up to date — just one more detail that adds up to the whole picture.

5. Pet Friendly


Millennials love dogs. And when they’re looking for a home to buy, what’s good for Max or Daisy is a big consideration. 

How to use this tidbit to speed the sale of your home: Spruce up the backyard to make it dog friendly. Pressure wash the patio and eliminate any weeds that might prove toxic to dogs

Dog-friendly amenities like a fenced-in dog run or fenced backyard are attractive, and so are doggy doors and designated feeding areas.  

How to Market Your Home to Millennials

If 2020 has a silver lining, it’s not a matter of whether your Lexington area house will sell, but more a matter of how quickly and for how much. 

If you’re looking for better offers, use the checklist above to tailor and market your home to the biggest demographic of home buyers — millennials.

Veteran house-flipper Luci Santos has a traveler’s heart, but she likes a base camp. Her goal is to buy and flip a house in every part of the United States. She writes about DIY and real estate topics.

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