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Lexington Burger Week 2019

Lexington Burger Week was a taste bud BLAST! 

But for those of you who are new to Lexington, what exactly is it?
40 Lexington restaurants will create a $5 special burger that is not on the regular menu. Participating chefs will once again try to create the most unique burgers in town. We’re talking 40 one-of-a-kind burgers, a passport you can get stamped to win prizes and lots of surprising tastes!
Our team participated by trying 4 of the 40 selections this past week!
1. Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream
“I never thought I’d enjoy potato chips on ice-cream, but Crank and Boom proved me wrong about my perceptions. Ice Cream, Doughnuts M&M’s and chips DO in fact go together, and quite well.”
2. Smith’s Seafood, Co.
“My mouth is watering just from the memory of this burger. Not only did it exceed my expectations, but it also wasn’t super outlandish and it’s something I’d happily order again (I’m heartbroken it was only a special) Smith’s you will definitely be visited again next year!”
3. Parlay Social
“Burgers and Blueberries and CBD oil OH MY. I went into Parlay thinking I would leave sick, and not only left satisfied but feeling A M A Z I N G. Don’t let blueberries on Burgers scare you, they are a delightful surprise and if you missed out on this interesting concoction, remember to stop by next year.”
4. Stella’s Kentucky Deli
“Okay, if I had to sum up Stella’s in one word it would be FIRE. Not only from the spice, but the burger was phenomenal. The best I had all week. Whoever thought of queso, chips, and jalapenos on a burger is genius and I literally purchased the LAST burger they had for burger week 4 minutes prior to the restaurant closing. Had I missed out on this flavorful experience, my tastebuds may have never been the same.”
Thank you from The Lane Team at Keller Williams Bluegrass to all of the participating restaurants. Especially to the four, we visited ourselves. Your service was phenomenal, your spirits and hospitality were commendable and your hard work was 100% noticed. You all were SLAMMED yet still created a positive experience for all of your guests.
We can’t wait for Lexington Burger Week 2020!

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