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The 10: Abby Dority

The 10: Abigail Dority

080Abby Dority has only been on the real estate scene in Lexington for a couple of years, but she’s already made a splash and, in joining the Lane Team, found her match. Energy for energy, sass for sass, detail for detail, Abby’s a perfect fit…even though she’s a brunette. In Central Kentucky, you just won’t find a more fun, more reliable, harder working realtor. You know if she’s keeping company with this group, she’s a top producer.

Here are a few things you might not know about Abby Dority (but that you should):

kzasShe’s a Transplant
Abby has what she calls “spontaneous” parents, and she moved around as a kid. A lot. From her birthplace in NE Florida through the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, she’s covered serious ground in the U.S., and even lived outside the states in Khazakstan for a time as a child.

But Not Lost in Translation
“I actually used to speak, read and write Russian. I’ve lost it now…but when I hear people speaking it I can remember some. Or when I get mad sometimes I remember the bad words!” She says the experience of different cultures has taught her a lot. “Actually, I think all the moving around has been an advantage. I’m used to getting a feel for people pretty quickly, I can adapt to different situations, and I’ve learned how to ask the questions to understand what people really want.”

535679_4878018221604_1820241093_n Her Old – And New – Kentucky Home (Sorry, Duke)
Yes, she’s moved around a bunch, but she’s made Kentucky her home at least three different times, and now they’re here to stay. She loves Lexington and Central Kentucky and wouldn’t consider another spot to live with her family. As a matter of fact, her husband Jeremy was offered a prestigious position at a certain other well-known university with what some might call a basketball program (we beg to differ).

“We didn’t even consider it.” Why? “Because of the basketball, obviously!”

Call her, Coach Cal – she has a few tips – and she’s proved her loyalty!

NO, Drill Sergeant!
Can you believe this gorgeous gal is an army vet? Abby was an active duty medic when she and husband Jeremy lived in Texas, but don’t think she had it easy. Her kickoff to her service started at basic training just like everyone else. Boot camp may have been as tough on her sergeant as it was on her, though. “I spent a lot of training in trouble. I have a smart mouth and chose to have a good time during basic training.”

Though she refers to that time as “summer camp with pushups”, if you went to camp with Abby, she’d be a good ally. She also spent some of her sass in the interest of protecting some of the others in her group who were struggling. What a sweetheart! Eventually, though, Abby’s sass and the military parted ways.IMG_0300

Miss Smarty Pants!
She is a smart aleck, but she’s also a self-proclaimed nerd and she has the grades to back it up. While her husband was in residency, she was holding down the home fort caring for their two small kiddos and working at night and studying at Transy. With all that responsibility, you’d forgive her if she pulled a solid 3.5, but that’s not how this girl rolls. Her work ethic and competitive nature always push her to be the best. She was a 4.0 student all the way. And we should mention that she also graduated in only three years. While there she also began working with Heifer International, with which she still volunteers every year, helping families in need receive animals for sustainable income and food sources. Geez, what a Slacker.

Maybe It’s all the NPR
She rivals the most rabid NPR fan (yes they exist!), listening pretty much all the time. She even has four separate pre-programmed channels on her car’s radio so she can seamlessly switch from public radio station to public radio station (are you listening development departments? Is she a member?!) as she blazes Bluegrass real estate trails through Central Kentucky. She even listens to it so much with her kids in the car that she once caught them playing pretend…NPR talk show. Some kids might put on a play or act out a TV show, or maybe even make up a dance. Her kids spent time hosting talk shows on current affairs and foreign policy.

1005311_10101389922600890_2143957965_nFavorite Thing About Real Estate
“Well, Kitty sold me my house and I was talking to her one day and asked if she liked her job. She said, let’s have coffee and she offered me a job. It actually combines the detail and research side of things with the people side of things. People don’t usually buy houses for the heck of it, they buy houses because major life events have happened. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. But you get to experience that with people – it feels like a privilege you don’t really deserve because people open their lives and you get to know everything. It’s really special. You don’t mind the calls at 11 PM when you care about your clients that much.”

Favorite Place to Get Away
“Anywhere with a beach. I love, love, love a beach. I miss that about Florida but I don’t want to go back there to live. There are too many mosquitos, fire ants and sharks – too many things trying to eat you.”

Favorite Thing About Lexington 
“The reason we chose Lexington – it has the most accessible culture I’ve ever experienced. It has the soul of an old place, but everyone gets to play. You don’t have to be third generation to experience everything. Everyone goes to Keeneland, whether they’re in flip flops or a top hat and cane. Everyone can be a part of Lexington.

The burgeoning cultural scene includes some great culinary choices, too. Abby’s a big fan of The Jax and Tomo.

She may not be native, but she’s definitely a local, and Lexington is lucky to have her! You’d be lucky to have her too – so call her today to sell your home in Central Kentucky or help you find your first or new dream home in Lexington (you can even call her at 11 PM if you need to).

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