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The 10: Kitty Lane

lane-team-2013If you live in Central Kentucky, you’ve seen her name on a real estate sign – or 50 – usually with a big, bold SOLD tag on it. Because that’s how this multi-million dollar producer and relocation specialist rolls.

Kitty Lane, the driving force behind The Lane Team at Keller Williams is, herself, driven – the definition of a true dynamo – and she works harder for her clients than anyone else in the business. Her 30 years of experience speak to that, and speak to why she’s the one to help you sell your home or buy your dream home in Central Kentucky (or both!).

Here are 10 things you might not know about “The Original” Kitty Lane (but that you should):

Kitty…Miss Katherine if You’re the IRS
Yes indeed, “Kitty” Lane was born Katherine, but “No one has ever called me Katherine except the IRS…not even when I was in trouble.” And the moniker was one she came by honestly. “My great great grandmother was Kitty, too.”

Santa’s Baby
We don’t know if she was as contagiously positive at birth as she is today, but she was most certainly a gift. Kitty arrived on Christmas day.

Private Eyes…Are Watching YouFilm-Noir-Detective-Office
Yes, ok, we love Hall and Oates but not quite as much as we love the fact that Kitty showed some serious gumption back in her days as a litigation paralegal and private investigator (!).

One of the tales involved a shady spot in South Atlanta where she was investigating a food poisoning case. After bellying up to the bar and ordering the allegedly offensive dish (a tuna fish sandwich), she turned on the charm: lots of compliments on the delicious food, lots of questions about recipes and preparation methods – all surreptitiously recorded on her pocket tape recorder (top-of-the-line technology for the time); until the recorder’s alarm started furiously sounding from Kitty’s handbag signaling the end of the tape. “I was like, ‘Busted!’ I’m out.”

Silent Auction Queen
Since those days, Kitty’s put more focus into her real estate work and spent her free time less at diners and dives, and more working on causes and with groups that are important to her. She’s been dubbed “The Silent Auction Queen” for her many volunteer efforts, along with some long-time girlfriends who work the circuit with her. She loves working on and with boards, especially those that are supportive of women and children and the arts. Kitty has worked for years with the 17359_769921094920_7116382_nJunior League of Lexington and Junior League Horse Show, Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation, Lexington Children’s Theater, The Living Arts & Science Center, Lexington Ballet, Children’s Hospital Miracle Network, and 100 Women, to name just a few.

Many of Kitty’s besties are relationships that were forged during that community service, and they are relationships that have stuck. “My core friends I met doing community service work, and we’re still friends today.” The buds make it a priority to schedule at least two girls’ trips per year – even if it’s just a long weekend. Don’t worry, though, she’s always still available for her clients!

Spoiled on Real Estate
Born in Biltmore Forest, near Asheville, North Carolina, Kitty grew up playing on and around the Biltmore Estate. She may have fallen in love with real estate during those formative frolics (and who could blame her?!).

It’s All About the Attitude
Kitty doesn’t just bring the drive. She brings the attitude – yes, she’s got sass but this is different. This is the life-changing-difference-making-every-day-rocking attitude that takes mentally tough and winning at life to a whole new level. “I just wake up in the morning and decide it’s going to be a good day. I always told Meredith when she was younger – you can decide to have a good day. Everyone has bumps, but really – that’s powerful.”

Favorite Thing to Eat (a not-so-helpful-fitness-secret)
You wouldn’t guess to look at her, but Kitty loves a Cheeseburger more than anything else to eat, and a favorite occupation is finding new spots to try them out.

Favorite Place to Get Away
It’s not the Biltmore, but it’s her corner of the world, and she keeps her cabin just exactly how she likes it – and it’s become a favorite getaway for relaxing, which for Kitty involves the great outdoors. “My favorite place to get away is at my cabin – I just want to build big bonfires and go fishing.”erin2

Favorite Thing About Real Estate
Kitty Lane has probably never met a stranger – and that’s one of the reasons she loves real estate – and is so well suited to it. “I love meeting all the new people, and helping those people make their dreams come true – finding ways to achieve things that people didn’t think were possible.”

She can make your new Central Kentucky Home dream happen for you, too! Meet Kitty – and the Lane Team. Call her today!

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